Scooping Out Thoughts

Friday again. Still keeping up the fight. Still sneaking in some writing/editing every chance I can. In the cafe now, working on something. I've been in a different location at work the past few days, so less immediate stress and constant direction. I can take a few notes here and there. 

I like writing at night, but there's something about the morning. When everything is starting up. When barely anyone is out and about, or if they are it's just to grab a coffee and scoot off to work. Seats are all available and waiting. The puffy eyes and yearning stomach asking to fill it's void. 

Don't forget the coffee... 

Ah, just like in other jobs I've had years ago that didn't pay all too well, there were those perks. Not saying this endeavor isn't going to pay off one day, but for now I stay to the shadows, looking out and planning my action. 

It's important to keep a decent day job, or as I've read other writers say, to have a spouse who has a decent job for when said writer is in a dry spell. But at this time I can't justify doing this full time. I estimate that if I can at least make two years salary i'd take a day job hiatus and go at this writing thing full-time. But, i'll say again, money is important. Bills, lights, food, electricity. Needed. 

I'm going to run back to writing, just thought i'd scoop out some thoughts and splatter them at screen. 



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