Action Packed Weekend

I'm not usually this opinionated, actually I'm a bit non-social. But I figured I'd type out the things I'm thinking about from day to day and see what it looks like later when I reach my goals. 

That being said I can change my opinions and thoughts as I learn new things. That's the great thing about writing and life. Learning. 

So, this weekend is an action packed one. First, i'm going to finish this short story I've been toiling over for weeks, and hopefully submit it. But if not this weekend, surly next week. I feel after this story is finished the subsequent ones should be easier. I say this because I feel (at this point) that novels are a bit easier to write. 

The other thing is Walking Dead's season finale. Very exciting stuff. 

And finally, i'm going to join the Horror Writers Association as a supporting member--for now. 

Once i'm published I will upgrade that level. 

So that's it for now. Talk soon. 



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