Friday morning? Cafe? Must be writing!

Okay, warming up. I'm in one of my favored spots close to my job for writing. I've got the coffee. I'm ready. 

Going to put the anxious noise on the back burner (hopefully it burns there), and just write. Anxiety and stress are the biggest killers of creativity. I hate them, they try to get the best of me often. But you have to just say they wont. Lately, and I've been very happy about this, I've just grabbed my work and got to it. No matter how small. I just looked at it and took a bite here and there. You have to do it. Like I said before, if you don't do it it will never get done, and then the thoughts you had waiting will fizzle out. Now you may get similar ones, you may get the same ones, but sometimes you're going to miss out on something that could have been very special. 

So do it. Now my fingers are warmed up and i'm going to get to some writing. 

Talk later. 



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