Questions 2

A few more questions that are more thoughts. 

Where do writers get the time to actually write when they are on social media all day? I know coming on here when you need some inspiration, or just a jump off point, can be helpful with starting your writing session, but unless they hired someone to post and comment and stuff for them, when are they reading and writing? 

I happened to read this one writer post about starting on their next book, but they were so involved in their advertising and social media aspect that they were worried they didn't have any content yet  for the next book. 

This social media thing can really ruin creativity sometimes. But I guess it's like anything, too much can be a bad thing. Everything in moderation. (Sorry for the old saying). 

A funny one: Why is it when you tell someone you write horror they look at you as though they are trying to remember if they left the stove on at home? 

Now this one can go both ways, because there are a lot of people who love horror. But once you get past that, "Oh really, what do you write?" part, it's a gamble which usually ends awkward. 

Let me know some questions you may have? 



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