Didn't really get anything done yesterday, a little editing, but nothing much. Today is shaping up for the same. Though lunch hasn't come yet, so let's see. 

Things are moving faster now since I joined the HWA, like a fire was know the rest. I have also been learning to shut off the job side and turn on the creative side. Not an easy task, at least not in the beginning. 

I used to get a ton of great ideas just flowing into my head, but this particular occupation has blocked that. Long story, maybe one day. 

So basically I'd go home exhausted and not able to go into the world to create. 

Luckily I have a lot of ideas and partially created stories to fall back on. But now, with some techniques I've been trying, I've been getting ideas once again. 

So it's lunch time, I'm going to get going. 



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