All this content. Everywhere. Are writers just selling to each other? I know writers are readers, too, but where are the "just readers" out there? 

Do writers/editors/etc try to scare the novice by showing how complicated things are? When a "newbie" sees all the hoops they have to supposedly jump through, they probably wonder how they could ever accomplish those things. Then they might send their manuscripts out to a self-publish place and bam, lost them. Then again, maybe the fact that they gave up was the test from the beginning? 

Why do beginning writers think everything they write is gold? They think their first attempt is going to make them best selling authors. I have even tried to help a couple of writers, but they took it as I was criticizing. I told them where they can go to get information. But they got offended. I know because I was once in that situation, but I would have taken any advice. 

I had another question but I forgot it as they come I will post. And please leave a comment if you have any questions of your own.

I know a lot of the answers to these for the most part are obvious. Sometimes it's just good to put them out there for thought. 



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