Force Yourself!

I've noticed that lately I have got to the point where I realize if you don't just do it it won't happen. I used to just say oh I'll get to it, but that never  comes--or it comes very late and nothing gets done. I find I sort of force myself, but not in a negative way. I know that if I don't get the pages open before me I won't do anything, but I also know that once I'm doing it (editing, or writing), I'll be happy. So I am only really forcing myself to start. The rest just comes naturally. 

I also have been working on a method that I've come to really like, but I know it will have to develop. But it's exciting how much you can get done just getting into it and starting. Like a writing inertia. I used to look at the work and have this energy and no what I had to do, then put it off, get back to it and don't remember. And then I say to myself, "how the hell am I supposed to do this there's just too much!" And that's the thing, I know if I have time it can be accomplished, and not half-assed either. Because when I sit down it starts to happen and my over-analitical mind does the math and says, "you know, this just might be possible, damn it." It's sort of like eating fruit and then you go to processed sugar garbage. You forget what the fruit tastes like. And that's why I have to hold on to that realization that it can be done. I am capable. I have the ideas and scenes. Many more than I have even started writing notes for, and I just have to go for it and not worry what people are saying about this and that. And not worry about what people are saying in the industry, because everyone has different circumstance. But that could be a whole other thought/post. 

So I'm going to run for now, back to work. And writing. 



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