Wishful Thinking

I usually tell people at my job that I wish it was Miller time (time to clock out for those who don't know that saying), but then I thought about it. What am I doing by asking for this all the time? I'm basically wishing my life away. 

Even though time at work can be harsh (thinking about that next scene you want to work on), you can still use this precious time here and there to do little things, even if it's at our day jobs. 

Hey, how about if we didn't skip the whole day, just had a feature on those video player apps on our electronic devices. Skip--skip--skip. You know? 30 second increments. So a part of the day comes you don't like, you can skip 30 seconds, maybe a minute, maybe five. But you don't miss out on the whole day. 

Wishful thinking. 

Either way, you can still use those snippets of time between agony. I've said it before, mobile phones are so useful with social matters and even with word processing now, it's insane. 

So consider yourself lucky you're alive and can do things and get to it. 

Whatever that it may be, you know what it is. 



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