Trying and Will Push On

Back again so soon? 

Why, yes. Because I'm having a hard time thinking of certain words. I know Stephen King said to just write everything out and worry about the other stuff later, but the fog is thick. 

Alas, I have decided, as my brain mulls through the word it needs, I will keep my fingers busy with another post. 

The keys lend a (great, searching for a word now, my mind is a mess...) the keys lend a certain comfort to my ears. It makes them think something is happening. 

But it is going to happen... I'm still here and staring down the thoughts. They will give me what I want. Sorry if I sound a bit loony, just trying to work these thoughts out. Will be done soon. 

Oh, wait, there we go. I remembered the word. No I didn't. 


Ah! Figured it out! Thank you blog. Thank you people. Thank you synonym choices on Word. 

OK, talk soon. 



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