Find That Point

How do you write this, do you use that sentence there, that grammar, that punctuation. Blah blah blah. It all becomes a cacophony of noise that merges into a steady stream of the harsh grating of metal on metal until your ears ring and then everything comes to a crescendo and... 

Then it all quiets down. Now you look around, you've made it past the waterfall and into the cave beyond. It's nice here. Look, there goes your story. It's just chilling, waiting for you. "Took you long enough," it says, and, "Hurry, we've got some work to do!" 

What do you do now? Well, you should have all that garbage crammed into your head that you need. But guess what, most of it you don't need. 

Sure, the story needs to be coherent. Yes, you need to have a level of skill that creates a piece of work that readers can understand. Does it have to be perfect? No. Should it resonate with others? Well, yes, and if not yet, you'll get there. 

Just get it out. 

The most important thing to understand is it has to be you. No, not that old song. (that's had instead of has anyway.) What I mean is there are so many writers out there, so many styles and people trying to vie for the attention of readers. Some copy others, some are very good writers but don't stand out. 

And there lies the problem. 

If you don't stand out, don't sound like you, then you'll never make a mark. It's easy to say, and you'll probably forget this a few times along the way, but if the voice isn't unique, your own, then you risk a mediocre--possibly non-existent--writers existence. 

Writing is many things to many people. It can be soothing, a great therapy. Or it can be for the love of the art. Some learn to try and make some money, even if just a meager earning doing the thing you love. But then there is that formula. 

Do I know what it is? No. You need to keep testing things, seeing what works, and forging your own tactics. What works for you will work for others different, if it even works at all. 

Keep searching and learning. 



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