Embrace Relaxation

It's so hard to create when you are under stress. Even harder is trying to remember all the writing rules one has learned over a period of time. 

I loose what I remember every so often and it feels like wandering aimlessly through a dense fog. 

Once I remember what I know I ponder why the information had slipped my mind in the first place. But it happens. 

I guess I can attribute it to stress, mostly. Also, if I feel sick it becomes very hard to concentrate on anything. 

I admit, after a hard day of work it's not easy to sit down and create scenes. I'm so tired sometimes I can only keep focused on YouTube or games. Something entertaining, I guess one can say. 

I do enjoy reading and writing, but it can become a chore when I feel I have to do it, or exhausted. Or if I feel very guilty for wasting time and not pushing forward with things. Guilty even if I worked significantly on a project or two that day. 

But I need to stop beating myself up. I just have to realize it doesn't come easy sometimes. Perhaps those are good times to simply embrace the relaxation. 

We'll see. 



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