Focus, Get Down to Business

Today I'm going to get down to it. There is really no other way. There are so many excuses to fall back on. 

My current ones are feeling sick and work. Legit, sure. But what does that get me? 

I've been out of the game for too long, reading, editing videos for the YouTube channel, writing blogs—well, that one I'll leave alone. 

I can still do all those things, but when it comes time to write I have to take it out and do it. Like during lunch. But it's just so easy to sit back and close my eyes. 

Just think, successful people pushed against restraints. 

Yeah yeah, okay. Let's get to it. Work is starting soon. And I might get a few strange eyes looking at me using my phone as a laptop haha. My little Logitech keyboard and Gear Head mouse, connected via Bluetooth to my Note 9. Sure, the phone is big enough to be used as such, but you know Manhattan... 

Talk soon. 



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