Items and Secrets

Work is back to its usual fast-paced grind. And sometimes that's OK. Sometimes it drives me mad, thinking about all I could be doing. 

I got to thinking. As a kid I played a video game called the Legend of Zelda. Great time. My mom was still alive and things were more innocent. My dad had brought the system home one day, as he'd done with the Coleco and Atari systems we'd had. 

I'd been trying to get past a certain level for months. There were other simple games, but this one I wanted to finish so badly. So I tried and tried and read tip magazines and finally gave up at some point. 

Last year I received a Nintendo Switch as a Christmas gift from my wife, and I went onto the online store. If you buy the online for 20 a year, you have access to free games - - pretty much like what the other systems do, but in that Nintendo way. 

Nintendo let's you play the original games from the NES release, and Zelda was up there. So I played it again. Surprisingly it was really fun. 

I somehow knew where most items and secrets were, and was able to figure out the other puzzles. It was easier than when I was a child. Maybe for a few things I found a clue online, very late in the game though. But I beat the game pretty much on my own. Finally. 

I'd never given up. I was able to finish with the knowledge I'd collected through life. Problem solving and such. 

Thinking now, this situation can be applied to just about anything in life, or creatively. You may feel you're not ready at some point, but don't throw it away. 

Never give up. 



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