Life Experiences

Experience in the past can be used later on to understand experiences in life. They say learn from experience. Never more true. 

So many learn from the past. A problem is when they don't learn, but that's another post. 

Keeping away from Twitter I have learned a great deal. (Not that I'm that far away from it, I check in here and there.) 

But moving away from it I have learned to read again, and for myself. You can force yourself to squeeze in time for this and that, but it's not the same if you're forcing it. 

Subconsciously you learn when you consume your favorite books and movies. More so when you're relaxed and enjoying it. Even other genres can be enjoyable, just from the mere conversations between characters and scenes and setting. 

There is much to learn from everything, but if you're wasting time fooling around with social media, then you won't have time for the things that matter. 

And yes, social media matters, too. But not when it takes over your life. Because then you can't make experiences that help you later on. 



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