Preparing to Write

There are so many things I want to write. Yet here I am typing on my blog. This isn't a bad thing. It gets the mind primed to get words down. But I get frustrated when I can't think straight. 

Then that saying comes to mind, about how no great work comes from being comfortable. I mean, I'm sure there are instances when this isn't true, but I get what's trying to be said. 

And it's true. Because conflict is experience. And just sitting there not having anything to worry about is boring. Safe, but boring. Right? Well. I'd probably rather be boring and draw on past experiences. But you get the point. 

And this world certainly aids that lifestyle of not having to deal with the outside world, doesn't it? Food marts delivering your groceries to the front door, or Amazon sending you anything you need within a day or two--sometimes within hours. 

And here I am, worrying about writing a few sentences. No YouTube, I will not look at a video. No Twitter, I will not check to see what's going on. I am here for a reason. Even if I get a paragraph or two down it means I've done something. 

So I'm going to get to it now and stop complaining. I've got some music playing and will close my eyes and go back in time. I've left my rope here in case I need to pull myself back out. 

See you soon. 



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