Setting Trends

Sitting here in the cafe before work, managed to get in a bit early. I got to thinking about trends. People who set them and people who copy others. 

No harm in striving to be like another, I suppose. You can study them, improve what you feel needs improving, and make it your own. 

Remember, though, there are those who make a living off of copying others, and it can get one started, but to really make it one of the ingredients is doing your own thing. 

Be the trend setter, not the follower. And you'll be on the right path. Emulating your favorite author can even bring out your own voice. Eventually. I guess that's where the whole thing about write and write some more. And then write even more comes into play. Read too. Very important. And don't loose focus. 

There will be a lot of road blocks, what defines you is how you get around them.



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