Bad Endings are Great Beginnings

So I had a blog post ready to go.

I had a blog post ready to go, added to it. I was excited because this was the first Friday Musings I had done in quite a while.

I got to the café early with an extra half hour and an idea of what I wanted to say.

It was something along the line of why Twitter is a distraction to creativity.

So I went to save it, and it seemed as though it saved. But then I must not have published the post. I sent the link and a couple people responded, then my browser failed.

I reset it and when it came back up I noticed something strange, my blog post was half of what I had written.

I had a suspicion and checked the link I’d posted on Twitter and yup it didn’t publish, the link came up dead.

I was furious.

Later I also come to find a Word document I’d been worked on didn’t save the way I thought it would, either.

Now I’m at work trying to grab a moment here and there and literally none are to be had.

Well, there are a few, I am writing this in fits and spurts. 

But on a FRIDAY! (I actually did a post about this a while back, about there seeming to be some force holding me back at times. Well, today really seemed like that—especially because I had the time and Friday’s are usually slow.)
So this post you’re reading now is what the original morphed into.

Basically the old one was about thoughts on how Twitter was a distraction and if it actually helped or hindered your productivity.

Sure it’s good for getting the word out there—to a certain degree. It depends on who you have as followers, fans of friends.

I’ve actually been trying something new by disabling the notifications on my phone and checking in a couple times a day, to see what’s going on.

This seems to be helping with stress levels. For one, I’ve been able to sit down and not be lured into looking at my timeline. And when things are going not-so-great at work, I don’t get that odd tweet that adds to the aggravation.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as bad as it sounds, but it does get stressful at times—especially when I know I know I should be writing.

Well, that's what happened. I finish this off on a new day, new goals and a fresh perspective. 

Don't let minor setbacks hold you down. 



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