Spread Too Thin?

I'm testing here and there posts where I don't alert social media, and feel I might post random thoughts like this more often. The good thing is I wouldn't feel anxiety about having to post the notification on all my social media outlets. 

Takes a lot of pressure off me when I just want to get a few thoughts off my mind quickly. 

So I got to thinking about if I'm spreading myself too thin. 

And come to think of it, the first part of this post does deal with this a bit. 

All those social media sites I feel I have to alert of when I have a thought. Some thoughts should just be thrown onto the blog without fanfare. 

Why not? 

But it's not just that. Then there's making YouTube videos, and creating content for Instagram, like billboards (that's what I call them). Guess they're thumbnails on YouTube. 

It can become overwhelming and I'm here to write, right? 

Well, the answer is obvious. 

So streamlining things might be the answer. 

I've cut my postings down a lot, and cut my Twitter time, as well. And I've been coming up with some great ideas for stories and such. 

Plus I have time for reading, which is very important. And other things, as well. Like enjoying a video game session here and there with my daughter. 

Relaxation is key. 

Worrying about what video I'm going to make next, or what post I think people might want to read, takes time that I should be spending on what all this is about. 


These other things will come, but they will be more thought out, or less pushed out. Will probably reflect a more relaxed me, as well. 

Sounds good to me. 

Let's see how it goes. 

Talk soon. 



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