Editing Videos

This will probably be one of those posts I don't shoot a Tweet or shout to the rooftops of social media about. 

I've been testing something. 

I have been wondering how I can include some sort of video with my YouTube videos without the lag of a webcam and came up with something. 

It's tricky, but I think it will work. 

So I will record the video with Gary as usual, but will also be recording myself with my phone simultaneously. 

Then, I will later lower the audio on the my phone camera video and take the audio from the show Gary and I do and merge them together. So you see my video. 

Now, if I want to go one step further. I can record Gary doing a video conference and then put the video I record right next to his, so it looks like we're doing a proper video chat. 

The only way I can make Gary's video smooth like how I believe my video should come out is if he records a video as well, but then he'd have to be on a computer and he records from his phone. 

Either way, I'm going to test this out and see what I can do. 

Once I put the video and audio together seamlessly, I can export it, and then make a new video with that merged audio/video in case I need to cut out Ums and likes and the sort. 

Sounds good on paper (or computer screen), now lets see if it will work. 

Talk soon. 



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