Changes In the New Year

Some changes are coming for the new year. 

I am going to try and focus more on why I'm here in the first place--to write. 

The things I've seen most during my time with social media is people saying they have to do this, or that. 

Well, at least with myself, I don't see that happening while spending so much time posting. 

But Will, you're posting blog entries? 

True, but these are usually warm-ups to a writing session, or if I have a spare moment to get some thought off my mind. 

Nothing better for writing than to actually write. 

And read. So very important. 

So that's another pledge to myself. I plan on reading and reading a lot. 

I found myself saying over and over how I don't have time to do this or that, yet I was constantly posting on the internet. 

Plus, I'm starting to see social media can be toxic if not careful. There will probably be more thoughts on that sometime later. 

But for now it's time to reflect on the year, what I've done/haven't done, and what I plan to do in the coming year. 

Had a pretty great Christmas, got a new Kindle. The new one with the bigger screen. Thinner. I'll probably post some thoughts about that sooner or later. 

But most important is to just live. Life is short. Play hard. Be nice. And never give up on your dreams. 

Self: Who are you talking to? 

Well.  Whoever's reading this, I guess. And... Well, you? 

Funny. I find myself constantly asking what I'm doing, what is the point of this blog. And for the most part it's ideas, and was supposed to be a chronicled sort of diary of a writer going from the very begining to the goal. 

But it's more. 

I'm starting to see that I'm sort of talking to myself. I'm solidifying thoughts and goals and working around problems through the written word. 

So maybe you'll see some crazy POV at times, but the thoughts can be for anyone. 

We are more alike than you think. 

See you soon. And don't give up on your dreams. 



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