Signs Are Everywhere

I'm in the cafe writing, thinking about what I could possibly write for the blog. 

I have a pretty decent session with a story I'm tinkering with and then realize the time. 

I get up to go and just after pushing through the revolving doors, I see this. 
I've talked about the subject before. There's a movie called The Secret. It's very interesting how goals can come to you if you just think about them. Everything starts as a thought. 

As that story went, I had just finished the movie on my phone on the train into work when I looked up and saw a billboard that said STOP WAITING. 

The movie had just been talking about noticing the signs

The really strange thing about this sign, a wooden billboard with the words maybe painted on, was that I never saw it again after that day. I think I see part of the wood frame that held it, but not sure. 

Very strange. 

Such a funny occurrence. I couldn't believe it. There was the sign I'd been looking for.

Sometimes we have to see these things to have it sink in. 

So here I am, the holidays are getting close, and I have nothing for a post for the Friday post I like to write, worried about if I'm doing enough in my spare time. 

And I see this sign. 

And now I also have a post. 



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