Rainy Day

Should anyone be working today? Luckily I asked about my schedule, otherwise I'd be doing a 10 to 7. 

I managed to get an 8 to 5. There will be practically no one in today, and the few meetings scheduled will probably no-show. 

Granted, I'll be getting some writing in, if my co-workers leave me alone. They can't find things to do themselves. 

To top off this morning, it's raining outside and supposed to get worse. So maybe the few that might have thought about coming in will think twice. 

Here's hoping. 

I managed to get here for a quick coffee, gotta keep it leafing. 

Monday is going to be a ghost-town. New Years Eve in New York City? Forgettaboutit. (checked Google, spelled it right, nice! Guess I better know being I'm from here!) Or however it's spelled (haha). 

Well, just thought I'd check in. Check you later. 



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