Special Moments

You ever read a novel and notice there are many memorable moments that remind you of things you've went through in your life? Me too! 
You can call them anything you want. I was thinking "special moments" this time around. 

A story has many things running beneath it. A theme, sometimes a hidden message whether that being religious, political, or anything else the writer may want to get across without coming out and just saying it, or coming out and saying it, as well.

But there are other moments inside the story. I usually judge books I read based on these moments. 

I love a great ending, wrapping everything up in a way you can not expect. 

But there are those moments in a book where special scenes happen.

These moments happen in music, too. The memorable moments that keep you listening to that song over and over.

I read that you have to have three memorable parts in a song to have a listener have it subliminally in their mind.

Sounds similar to a novel. Except it's the feeling that is created as you read the scenes.

Just like Stephen King says in bag of bones, what the main character Mike Noonan says about how stories are a bag of bones until you flesh them out--you know, that age-old saying that writers love to repeat over and over. 

But there is truth to it besides being a cryptic lesson thrown out to the wind. 

The writer can draw on past experiences to make it sound more real, relive moments in their life as parents may relive events and moments through their children. 

Many of these moments are universal, to some extent we all go through similar thoughts and feelings. These are what the writer needs to tap into to draw and keep the reader subliminally. 

Are you making your story memorable, or just writing a bag of bones? 

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Until next time. 



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