Holidays mean many things to many different people.

It's a time to make memories with family and friends, and it's a time for various religious reflection.

It can even be a depressing time of year. To that I say come read my posts, listen or watch the YouTube channel. Gary Buller and I are trying to get a fun show off the ground. You are not alone. There are many other places to turn to. I think of you this Movember.

But what I am thinking about this time around is how the holidays make room for time to write.

It gets slow in the city, and they ask me to come in earlier to work. I go to the cafe before and get down to business with a flat white. 

So good. 

In fact, I'm finishing this post off on site at the cafe. And look what I'm doing when I should be working on my novel? 

Well, time to get to work. 

Talk soon. 



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