I Love Hot Sauce

The local convenience store has some great items. Gag items, old school toys--some from even before my days. 

The store was decked with all the holiday goods, even a Santa Claus beckoning in customers. 

He danced and lured and my daughter took a picture with him. He tightrope-walked the curb and we went into the store. 

Enough of that, I needed Christmas lights! Some of my current ones blew out. 

Chocolates and decorations and crazed consumers greeted me.

Ugh, I just want one thing! 

I go to where I know the lights are, where they've always been, of course not until I point out the cooler of the decorations and gag items to my wife like a little kid. 

Everything pulled my attention.

From the cool decorations, to the wild hot sauce concoctions they offered. 

And of course one of the lights I need wasn't there. 

I didn't want to go to the other place further away, plus that place was always packed and crazy. 

We ended up going across the street, to nothing better (and more expensive), then to the place I dreaded. The Christmas Tree Shop! That place far away. 

And it was just as I thought. Packed to the gills. 

So I said no way and we headed back. Coffee was had and I was better off. 

Today I'll be going back to that local place, lesson learned. One of which I have no idea, because next time I'll probably do the same thing. 



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