I remember as a kid making snowballs.

It didn't happen too often because I'd lived in an apartment and the snow would have to fall either on a weekend or a school break. But when it did, it was so much fun. I'd roll them and at first it was difficult. Nothing would form, or the ball would crumble before gaining any mass.

Eventually it formed, and I rolled that snowball and rolled it and eventually it grew into the base of a wonderful snowman.

So here's something I was pondering.

Will I find the time to write?

I can't do it as much as I want now because life gets in the way, you're thinking too much about your job, where's the money going to come from for the car repair, food?!

You sit down to write in between all this and you can push out a tiny bit in between YouTube bouts of research (yes, research, that's what I call it!) And you wonder how the heck am I going to ever get things done when I finally do this hopefully for a living?

I think, even if I have the time, I waste so much of it. And when I finally get down to things, it takes so long and time goes by so fast!

Many books can help devise a more concrete process. And in time, as I write more and learn by trial and error, or peers, I'll know what to look for and create my own formula. 

I'm finding there's no surefire way to do things, but there is the goal. I'll find my way. It will build sort of like a snowball down a hill. Difficult at first, but easy with time.

Now with all that extra time YouTube research might be in order. 



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