What Horror Is To Me

To me horror is that feeling within. The one you won't admit to. It's when you know the deepest feelings will be shed without descrimination. Yet you keep on reading, or watching that horror story, because you "can't stop looking." 

It bares pent up emotions, that of which you once had no means to voice. 

Now there is an explanation. Now you can rest easy knowing it’s NOT only you with “those thoughts.” 

Those demented thoughts that you ponder moments before sleep, when you think about the evil in the world. When your outlook sours and warps at the edges. A lens is placed over your mind, for you to use when nothing else makes sense. It allows humor when perhaps you shouldn’t be laughing. 

A respite from the true horror that is life. 

And horrific it is.

I remember as a child drawn time and time again to horror. Whether a cheesy B rated movie, or a high budget fear fest. Because it is the most real. 

Just think: A comedy usually always ends happy, or a romance with two parties getting together in the end. Often times it's predictable. 

In horror, whether a good or bad ending, it always speaks the truth about what could really happen. 

When another genre borrows the horror aspect, horror slips its corodid tounge into the mouth of that genre, infecting the story to various degrees. Like the character who dies of some terminal decease. Maybe in a funny way, like Deadpool getting lung cancer, or the very real horror of ultimate death at the end of The Note Book. 

Horror is everywhere.

Sometimes it’s scary, sometimes it's funny, sometimes it’s gory, sometimes it’s maddening and sometimes it’s beautiful. It can make you laugh and it can make you cry. 

One thing horror is to me: it's real. 



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