Friday Musings 10/13/2017

Friday the 13th. Some speculate this to be a cursed day, unlucky. I think it's just the same as any other.

Though there are hilarious instances that come about from awareness of the dreaded day. 

After dropping my daughter off at school with my wife, (late mind you, so I'm rushing through this Musings), I drive on a road where I see a black cat running from the sidewalk, heading for the street. Something inside said it was going to happen. 

Many things raced through my mind as it darted out in front of the car, as I repeated, "Don't do it, don't do it... You did it..." and jetted perfectly past the car (textbook black cat crossing if I ever did see one). I thought just great, and look at the day. Though I had injected a bit of humor into it, my wife thought it was hilarious. 

And while I ended up late to my Friday writing session, I still found time to peck this post out on my cell. And while traffic still reared its ugly, stupid face, it ultimately turned out not bad as usual. 

And even provided a subject for this post. 

Oh and the usual barrista, Angel, at a local joint, The Laughing Man was in attendance. So no coffee leaf fail this week! Can you imagine? Haha

I think most of the fear for this day lies with the person thinking to much on the fact of it being Friday the 13th and this makes them nervous, more prone to accidents and such. They see the bad things clearly. Whatever it may be, there is an energy that comes about, spawning from conjecture that needs to be realized. Like every other day, bad things happen. Terrorism, violence, hate. You can't let this beat you. You have you pick yourself up and get with it, man. There's a lot of stuff to be done. Get out there and get do it! 



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