Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 9/29/2017

WCM: Last Friday's show played out to be another great night with just us. Though, we had a special guest during the last half hour.

JD: It gave a chance to discuss things between us, which is great. M. R. Tapia came just in time for the Hugh Hefner 21 moan salute!

WCM: We discussed the new Chucky flick, which went straight to DVD. Also up for discussion, we explored Friday the 13th, which will be out sometime next year.

JD: Cult of Chucky is in the hands of the creator and it's direct to DVD trash! I know the theater game is cut throat, but horror films are generally doing quite well as of late. Halloween is getting another reunion reboot that mirrors H20. We've done that already!

WCM: After our hijinx and other various tomfoolery lead to frequent bathroom visits and the clanking of beer bottles, we had a special guest on from the writer pack of ours. None other than the great Manuel Tapia.

JD: Tapia shared his love of authentic Mexican food and many stories of being at the playboy mansion... as a gardener.

WCM: Another great night transpired. We'll see how far we can go with the attempt at a small show each night of October--for Halloween of course, as proposed by Jessie during the show.

JD: yup, there will be a new episode every day in October!

Outro: Every day in October! Look for us, or seperate. But there should be a show.

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