Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 10/27/2017

WCM: Almost Halloween. Another Friday show has come and gone and it had been as entertaining as any, if not more.

JD: Last Friday we had an interesting show. We offered an insider's perspective by discussing submissions for the Cthulhu Christmas Special while maintaining confidentiality. We also talked about the JFK files and had two live callers that warned of going any further into the subject!

WCM: We discussed the Christmas Cthulu anthology and some of the submissions thus far. What we are looking for and how to format. We had come to the table ready to disagree with each other, but left agreeing yet again upon the minute details.

JD: yeah, we had disagreements over including certain rules and the certain details of a few submissions. Don't worry, names were not mentioned.

WCM: We even recorded a few episodes so those of you who actually listen and genuinely love the show can get more of us during the week. After Halloween, there may not be another blitz for a while. But we've decided to do at least one or two extra mini shows during the week, together.

JD: the point of the blitz was to have information that could assist in making certain decisions for the show. What days work best, what themes seem to garner more attention, and can Marchese be swapped out for Ken Starks. Joking, Marchese. You're good. It's hard to do a show solo. Requires much more pre-show planning and multi tasking.

WCM: Yes well, Ken was a great guest. Happy Halloween all. 

You can listen on iTunes and YouTube, or simply to go the Spreaker site where you can hear all the old shows and download, as well. 
Deadman's Tome Podcast


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