Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 10/13/2017

WCM: Last Friday the 13th, (yeah, we know) we had on scream queen Genoveva Rossi. We talked about her career and if she ever knew Weinstein personally. She said no. Had to be asked. 

JD: Rossi is legit. She's not playing some casting couch game for fame. She's the real deal, and a real gypsy, too. I wouldn't dare cross her. Never ever.

WCM: Kentucky Bob got a little out of hand and pushed things to the next level with his question. It just went too far. Dedman showed signs of breaking. 

JD: Breaking? The only thing breaking is Kentucky Bob when I bend him over and let him feel the full might of my whiskey dick. 

WCM: I guess. It could have been due to Dedman putting on his devinaire Tony Robbins voice, but who knows.

JD: did I hack my mic or finally grow some balls?

WCM: Conspiracy Corner was bonkers this week, where we talked about the history of the McDonald's chicken nuggets, Deadman's favorite. 

JD: I would rather live a short fun life than a long dull life. That's why I don't even wear rubbers any more. I don't even pray before. I just dive right into everything raw and all. So what if I have a cut on my dick and there is green crust on her cum bucket... oh wait, we were talking about chicken nuggets. Yeah, I'll still eat em. 

Outro: Next week Deadman and the Dynamite go head to head in a beat box challenge. Be sure to bring a six pack, it's about to go down! No, Dedman! Not like that!

You can listen on YouTube and iTunes and also on Spreaker where you can download the latest episodes free.


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