Monday Motivation 10/30/2017

Another week begins and whether you want to hear it or not, you will make it through this Monday. But why make it something you have to trudge through? Why not turn it into an opportunity to get things started, or finish projects. 

Think about this: 

I sometimes say things to workers at my day job, things like, "I can't wait for seven o'clock." And: "This day can't end fast enough." But then I realized something. 

Every time you say these things, or think about rushing through the day, you are wishing your life away. And time. Precious life that contains precious time. That's precious moments you can do something toward your dreams. Yes you're at work, but there are moments, breaks at lunch--for instance--where you can jot down ideas and write scenes on your smartphone. These are opportunities to think, to ponder what you are going to be doing later. Update a blog, figure out who you're sending a short story to next, find an agent. 

Try to calculate how much life you wish away just by wanting the day to be over. 

It's alot. 

Now be thankful for every second. 

And get to work! By that I mean your true work. The dream. 



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