Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 10/6/2017

WCM: So another Friday, another show. This week we had on Lisa Dabrowski, aka Mistress Rosie. The episode was pushed as a rematch with her, after I left the show half through while she talked about a brutal past. It had been partly due to hate over my fart board, partly a ploy to leave because I needed to wake early the next morning. I ended up turning the situation into a WWE sort of event. Boothill had been in the middle of the whole thing. 

JD: Round Two and it was actually civil. Well, as civil with a side of giant black dildos. Marchese and Mistress Rosie may not be friends yet, but they stayed on long enough to share thoughts on things.

WCM: We discussed many things, one of them being coffee processed from the intestines of an animal called an Asian Palm Civet. This creature ingests coffee berries and passes them out to be cleaned and roasted for your expensive brewing pleasure. 

JD: Kopi Luwak sounds disgusting just by the sound of the word alone. I'm not drinking coffee processed out of beans picked out of cat crap. By the way, these Civets are now forced fed these cherries in order to produce more when naturally the civets are usually selective in the cherries they eat.

WCM: We also tried out new segment called Conspiracy Corner, where I throw out various conspiracy theories to be either accepted or shot down by Dedman and whoever is on the show that day. Exciting stuff. 

JD: Conspiracy corner was fun. We've got to run with this segment in future shows. It was a learning experience and boy did I learn some things about fluoride. 

Outro: Next show we bring back the Conspiracy Corner and will maybe try a new segment in this long month of podcasts until Halloween!

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