Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 10/20/2017

WCM: This week on the Friday show, we had on Ken Stark, who has three books out with a great career he's tending to. But another occurrence happened during the broadcast. A sound came through every time our guest talked. It sounded like a motorcycle revving, riding, and then going down through the gears to idle and then start the cycle again. 

JD: Ken Stark writes horror because horror is cool, and that's enough for me. It was cool hanging with him. Had some beers, some motorhead playing, and Marchese was distracted by a motorcycle that did not exist.

WCM: But back to the noise. I mean, this thing was crazy. And I even posted a video on Twitter where you can clearly see Ken Stark's picture on Twitter is clean, where as his Skype picture had some sort of smoke-like overlay. I went to take a picture, and the Twitter app crashed on my phone. And further, when I tried again to take the video, the camera wouldn't come up--all I'd get is a black screen. Then my phone reset. 

JD: I don't know about any noise, but I can tell you that I tried to undo what I've done with the Ouija board. You see, I rubbed my balls on it a few weeks ago and talked some serious smack, and I might've  provoked something. So, I did what I had to do and burned it.

But apparently that's a no no, too.

WCM: Yeah, well, moving on. We discussed how Ken is doing financially, and other questions his fans may be interested to hear. 

JD: Ken is doing alright for himself. He's not Stephen King level, but he's comfortable and working steadily. 

WCM: Just listen, didn't you hear the bike? C'mon. I know you had to have heard it!? 

JD: I didn't hear a motorcycle. I replay the episode and don't hear it. What I hear is the break down of a drunk, a drunk that's been loving a cat man in a small attic space. Lets try to help him. #MarcheseNeedsHelp #prayformarchese 

Outro: Next show is the last live one before Halloween. We may have some surprise guests, but we'll always bring the entertainment.

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