Monday Motivation 10/23/2017

Monday. One week and a day until Halloween. The fall hasn't exactly reached NY yet, just brushed it's fingers across our cheek. Some places have had snow, some are hot. I think the weather officials have said Tuesday is the turning point. Let's see. 

But it's a new week and a new beginning. A new chance to make good on writing tasks, or start new ones. Or simply just continue on a big project that will see the world one day. 

Whatever you do, you must keep positive thoughts prominent throughout. Or else its like trying to make your car run fast in a lower gear, and you burn the engine out. Once that happens, you can't do anything. You have to fix the engine and that could take a while. Some think creativity just happens, that one sits down and gets to it. And there are times when just the happens--or techniques to use to get out of that, but after a day of busting your hump at the day job, thinking of creating another world (or just editing one) is the last thing on your mind. 

But it has to get done. And Monday is the perfect place to start. 



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