Starting Novels

Sitting here in a Kohl's parking lot waiting for the wife and kid, hunched over my laptop pecking away at the
keys. Trying to keep from peeking too much at twitter as I yank my conspiracy theory novel into current times--and apply current skills I've acquired. 

But my watch buzzes with posts and replies and messages, and events in the parking lot pull me from the pages. It's okay, though. I'm getting some things done. And Twitter, though a lot of people say to the contrary, actually helps me quite a bit. 

I had been debating which novel I should work on. There are two. One is the conspiracy one, that has to do a bit with MK Ultra among other things--with a horror twist, of course. The other is about a radio that is haunted. I know, cliche, right? Not necessarily. There are a lot of twists and turns. 

I decided on messing with Safe Place, the first novel I mentioned with MK Ultra, because someone in my group likes conspiracy novels and offered to read it for opinion. So off I go. 

It's good to have at least two pieces to show an agent when you look for one. This way they can pick, or show the publishing house editor that you have more stories and aren't just a one trick pony. Plus, lets say they love your story--they're going to want to know six months down the road there is another ready, and past that another one either ready or currently being worked on. 

Sometimes that's what gets you a multiple book deal, but remember you're locked into that and need to produce how many books you've agreed to before you can go elsewhere. 

Plus, don't think a higher Advance on Royalties is a necessarily good thing. Because lets say the book doesn't sell enough to pay that off, now you've cost the publisher money which may reflect negatively on when you try to sell other things down the road. 

Ah well, let me get back to the writing. 



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