Friday Musings 9/15/2017

Some great news to report. I'm going to be in Aphotic Realms next anthology titled Banished. I will have a story in there titled Upon Reflection. Very excited. I am almost finished on another story I've been working on, psyched about that one. It's a premise I held dear for a bit; and although it's morphed into quite a different tale from the original, there are a lot of main aspects that remain.

I'm very fortunate to have created a writing group that has grown to what it has. It's so important to have a bunch of like-minded individuals who share a common goal. New people come in, and some leave, but all in all things have been great.

Someone recently pointed out that writing is mostly an act of solitude. And while I agree--and it needs to be this way at times--it's good to know there are a great bunch of people in the same game waiting to share their experiences and listen to yours. Someone you can talk to about issues with writing, or if something looks strange with that call for submissiona, or ask their opinions on a story you're working on. It's really a great thing.

I have also forged friendships outside of the group, as well, which are equally as fulfilling in different ways. It's been a wondrous road so far, and it's only the beginning. 

So start your Friday and get to doing what you want to do. Life is short! 



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