Friday Musings 9/1/2017

So it's September. The leaves will soon begin to turn colors, and all the fall and winter items are going to be put out for sale. Cinnamon spice pinecone and firewood. I've already been seeing Halloween things in different stores. I love this time of year. 

I'm also finishing up a vacation visiting my parent-in-laws in Puerto Rico. Sad to be leaving, but I also look ahead to all I have to do concerning writing. 

You have to be positive. There are really no endings until the ultimate ending on Earth. That's not to say don't cherish every moment, but remember it's not the end just because you have to move forward. Paths will meet again, visiting loved ones, God willing. If you keep yourself busy with tasks and other things, you will be OK in between. I like the mantra Tony Stark said to Pepper Potts in the Iron Man movie. There is nothing except this, the next mission. Keep busy. Depression can take a hold on lots of creative people because of the self doubt and constant feelings that you aren't good enough. But don't think about that. You are unique. Just keep moving on to the next project. You can come back and revisit all the old things you've done, accomplishments, but evolve, grow, get better. 

And remember. As the seasons change, as memories are made with loved ones, don't forget to stop and witness this, to live and breath in it. For memories make up a part of the meaning of life. 



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