Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 9/22/2017

This one came late, but it's been crazy. Will try to have them sometime between Monday and Wednesday. Enjoy tomorrow night's show. Now here's a recap of last week's show. WCM: This show we went solo, if you look at us as one being, that is. According to Dedman, I'm a wimp for liking fancy coffee. Please. I love coffee, especially rich and strong. If it has a flavor, or two, thrown in, what's wrong with that? JD: Fancy coffee is fine. I just laughed hard on how you said it. I could hear the coffee snob. Mmmmmm, I only enjoy the rich strong taste for expensive coffee that use exotic coffee beans. We navigated the best we could with crap AT&T internet. You suck AT&T! Go choke on a 12 inch dildo and fuck off! Sorry, I'm still a bit pissed. WCM: Hyped up on caffeine, we then delved into writing quality, and if there is there really bad and good writing? I think there is a big difference. Though, again, we met somewhere in the middle once again. We came to a silent truce. I say, there are garage bands that rock metal, and there are orchestras that play classical. To each his own. Both are loved by someone. See where this is going? JD: Sure, there are different qualities of writing, but my question is what characteristics define and describe the different levels. What is the garage rock of writing? What is the country or even death metal? Though, really, our conversation was more in line with what is the right and wrong way to write. Wrong way is to just stop because you realized it's hard to make a dime, but that's a different subject for a later time. WCM: Whatever the case, there is a right and wrong. You have to know the rules before you can break them. There is just no way around that. At least have a pretty good idea about the rules before you do anything chancy. Take a few risks, try new styles, build your voice. There is a formula to success, you just have to find it, and then fine tune it to suit your needs. JD: Sure, it helps to know the rules. However, there are blatant examples of professional and successful authors that seem to include breaking certain rules into their style. Stephen King with run-ons, J.K. Rowling with adverb, and James Joyce with double negatives. The general rule seems to be that when a writer breaks certain rules it needs to be for a reason, a style choice. I'm cool with that. After all, grammar rules are designed to help make the storytelling clear and concise, and if you break a few rules and readers still understand and enjoy your story, then who am I to backwards write? Outro: Alot seems to be happening with horror movies: cult of chucky is out and Halloween complete retcon. We'll also talk about why writers give up, and why I hate reading those poor me messages on Facebook. Get your ass up and stop crying. No one is writing your book for you unless you're famous! You can listen to the show on iTunes and YouTube and even download on Spreaker here:


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