Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 9/15/2017

WCM: On last Friday's show, we had on Madeline Swan who discussed what she was doing and her writing career. We delved deep into her story The Occtopus in the Corner of the Room in the Deadman's Tome sci-fi edition Final Conflict, and where she got the inspiration to write such a piece.

JD: Madeleine Swann has a brilliant mind that's tuned into the weird and psychedelic without the need of mind altering chemicals. Octopus in the Corner of the Room is more than a story, it's social commentary in an abstract way. We had some really good fan questions that dug into her method. 

WCM: We also had Catman on, but he got cut from the show due to technical issues. So you may never get to hear that exchange between cat and Swann.

JD: The internet at my house was compromised by damage from the flood and the repairs of such damage. Excuse or legit? Was I trying to silence Man Cat?

WCM: What more is there to say? The show carried on and we are still seeking a beer company as a sponsor. They can pay with cases of beer to each of our locations. We will promote the heck out of you.

JD: Haha. Will just wants free beer, and I don't blame him. I drink like a 21 year old, and that gets costly. 

Outro: We gotta talk about the clown in the room. IT is in theaters and people are loving it, but contrarian Mr. Deadman probably has a problem.

You can listen to the show on iTunes or YouTube or the Spreaker site, where you can download the episode and past episodes for free.


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