Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 9/1/2017

WCM: Fridays podcast turned out to be a very informative show. We geeked out and talked about the dark corners of writing some may find taboo to discuss. But hey, writers are sending their careers down the river anyway with all this political mumbo jumbo anyway, so why not talk about a subject that actually matters, right? Dedman and I sort of went at it, but found we agree with each other more than originally thought. JD: I got drunk and was a bit contentious, but it was to prove a point. When the readers, on average, don't seem to mind "poor writing" then who exactly are we trying to impress, other writers? Please, there are plenty of writers that get green with envy. WCM: When writing these days, we found it's not hard to accomplish things. All you need is a basic understanding of how to write and a great imagination. Oh, and talent. It's not much different from painting a picture, except with writing you are using words instead of paint. When beginning the process of getting words down on paper, you must get all the info out as fast as possible. After all thoughts are purged, you go back and shift, edit and move sentences. That's when the real magic begins. Now, some passive sentences can be left, even some pronouns, but it's lazy not to edit a lot of them out. hey, to each his own. If you want to try and create some sort of style with pronouns and such, go right ahead. Just remember, the ultimate goal is to capture the reader. They're the ones who are buying your work. JD: Writing is art. The rules are meant to help make the art understandable, not to be enforced just for the sake of some grammar god. The readers want a story to entertain them, and if that story includes runons and a shit ton of pronouns, then so be it. Their the judge, for better or worse. Outro: Amy Grech, a horror writer and SEO wizard, is coming on this Friday.

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