Friday Musings 9/8/2017

Today I am thankful that I know a thing or two about computers. The café where I write doesn't have Wi-Fi, so on my laptop the night before I open the document I wish to edit,  so it can be ready to go. I work on it, and when I get to the day job I log on and save my changes to the cloud. 

Today I went to the café to do my Friday writing before hell starts and got pretty far in a story I'm working on. It felt good being able to focus like that. I even put off this post to continue working on the story. Everything was going great. 

Before, I had arrived at the coffee shop late due to traffic. People were sitting at my favorite spots! The guy behind the counter even charged me for 2 flatwhites instead of one (and got the donut order wrong)! (Of course I asked nonchalantly if wow, did the price go up--I don't like confrontations if there doesn't need to be any), and he we fixed that situation. Maybe what happens to my document is karma for fixing the coffee problem? Maybe I'm thinking too damn much into the situation. Yeah, that sounds about right. 

But either way, the ghost coffee was refunded, the seats opened up, and I opened up on the donut, then my laptop. 

Now, back to the point. I do as much as I can and put my laptop in sleep, ready to save the document at work so I can send it to my work computer and tinker with it in the few spare moments I get. But when I get to the building and open my laptop...and see Word isn't open.... It looks like I had shut the computer down totally instead of just putting it into standby--but I could swear I didn't! Anyway, it could be the way it took a little longer to start up, maybe. Who knows!?!? 

I started sweating, my heart beating a bit faster. You always hear those stories where someone looses a document, and here it was happening to me! Not if I can help it! 

So I logged on and opened Word. Long story a bit shorter, I was able to find the recovered document, delete it, recover it yet again, and save it to the cloud successfully. It pays to know a bit about computers when you're a writer. Still better not to get into these damn situations. Such a stressful moment. Either way, that was my Friday morning. How was yours? Let me know with a comment. 

Oh,and they only gave me a small leaf/heart thing! Lol



Mr Deadman said…
Ghost coffee sounds good

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