Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 9/8/2117

WCM: This week on the show we had a special guest. Amy Grech. We talked about her writing and day job as a self-employed SEO specialist. We also discussed the Horror Writers Association among other things.  JD: Amy was great. She's been writing for a long time, has over 100 stories published, a pro member of the HWA, and something of a SEO wizard! Above all, she has a great sense of humor and held her own during the stream of dick and pussy jokes. WCM: Even though we got off to a non-Dynamite start, I jumped on my laptop which even made me able to pop on video chat. Those Windows updates can screw things up, and I always seem to get one just before the show starts. Kentucky Bob had one of his famously colorful questions for Dedman and had even prepared one for Amy.  JD: I appreciate fan questions, even Kentucky Bob. It's all about having a fun time, and I'm willing to joke about anything and won't let that man break me. Though, he'll try. WCM: All in all everything turned out well, even though the video had to be deleted off YouTube due to the bad quality. It's all about quality. The usual Spreaker feed was uploaded instead.  JD: yeah, we tried streaming live in YouTube, but my internet sucks too much for that. I'll be moving soon anyway, and will be in a better area for internet! As usual though, I had a blast on the podcast. Outro: Check out the podcast this Friday. Hopefully we can get Madeline on the show.

You can visit Amy at her site.

You can listen to the show on YouTube and iTunes and also on Spreaker where you can also download the show to listen where you don't have signal.


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