Weekly Musing 5/5/2017

Once again, I sit in this cafe and write--or try to. Sometimes you can make the time, get everything ready, and nothing comes. There's a tip for this sort of writers block--or any writers block. Just start writing. Later you can go and cut all the bull you started with, and pick out the gold nuggets. 

Just write anything. Mundane, outrageous. Anything will do. Write a blog. (haha) But get out the words. And before you realize, you'll be writing something, your brain remembering something from the words you write. 

So I've been at this personal challenge to post at least one post a day. I was ready to go in the beginning, but became skeptical as I went. I want to keep the content to some degree of quality. I've even put up quick flash I created. Movie reviews--of independent or non-mainstream flicks. There could even be the occasional main stream thrown in there for good measure. 

But I may cut back a day here and there. Or maybe i'll just put up a thought, or something quick. I don't want to drown out the quality stuff, yet I don't want to neglect it, either. 

I plan on changing up the site, so I can put fiction and other features in a different section, so the updates and thoughts don't get in their way. I'll have to see. 

I guess that's all I have to say for now. The day job is calling. 

I'll see you on the show tonight. We celebrate Cinco De Mayo

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