Inspiration From Everything (Monday Reflection)

One can't see the forest through the trees, as the saying goes. Backing up and seeing things as a whole gives a different perspective. Otherwise, very important, inspiring details may be missed.
Everyday, life offers bits and pieces of gold from little experiences. I believe to some degree that everything happens for a reason. While it may be hard, good can be found in just about everything and dismissing anything in your day is not recommended. 
Even on a Monday, good things can be found. It's the beginning of a new week. For many a new work-week. I used to hate it. It's hard at times to think anything good can come from getting up and going to work for someone else--making their dream happen. But you need to pay the bills. 

Now I think of it this way. I get up and work on my stories, my blog and my brand. I may be working for someone else, but I'm making my dream happen.
The worst thing is letting your dream slip by. Even if you are on the path, you are still doing something towards that goal. 

You can gather tons of info from just your commute to work. How people react to Monday. How they converse on the train. How they communicate at your job. Many scenes can come from these little interactions. On top of that, you're working on little things for later when you get home.
There are always opportunities to jot down a few notes for later, during lunch you can read, or edit, or many other things. In fact that's what I'm doing now during my lunch break. 
There will be sacrifices. I could be catching up on some YouTube videos right about now, or my favorite show. But less TV and other things are necessary, in the end, if you want be rewarded. Depending on how fast you want to achieve your goal depends on what and how much to sacrifice.
So always try to find the good in the bad. It's there, you just have to step outside, grab a chair, maybe a beer, and see the whole.
I plan on revamping the website so things are easier to find. It will help with how I post updates on social media and such.
I am working on a few new pieces of fiction for the site and I plan on making a fiction tab, among other features.
I have challenged myself to post at least once a day. I will try to make some sort of structure, like fiction day, and movie review day etc. First things first. I'm getting something out every day. 

And as always, please follow and comment on things you'd like to read. More fiction? More reviews? Something else entirely. I'm up to just about anything.
I'm working on finishing a Flash piece for tomorrow. Hope you like it.
Until then.


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