Friday Musings (5/26/2017)

Another Friday. This one is the start to a three-day weekend, though. 

I sit here in the cafe area outside of Starbucks and see less people. It's great. And the commute is wonderful on days like this. I was even able to get some time yesterday morning, as well. 

This bleeds into the job, where most of the people have already started their holiday weekend with traveling, or just staying home. So, needless to say, a lot of reading and writing will be getting done today. 

I've finished my story for the Monster's anthology, it's shaping up to be a monstrous tome, indeed. Roughly 14 stories will be included. 

The story I have in there is a horror story with a splash of sci-fi thrown in. I haven't read many of the others, but if they are as good as the prior stories of the authors on here, then watch out. 

This should be releasing sometime in July, and you will be seeing a lot of advertising for it in the coming days and weeks. Well, if you're looking in the right places. It's not going to be during an AMC commercial break for Fear The Walking Dead, or Better Call Saul, but it's going to be pushed nicely. 

Tonight on the Deadman's Tome radio show, we're going to have a buddy of mine, Gerard Simonelli, Founder of Seekers Club of the Paranormal. He will be answering questions about his ghost hunting and his plans for the future of his group.

Or you can catch the show on iTunes, or YouTube. 

See you then. 



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