Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap

WCM: This week on the show, we didn't really do anything in particular--but that's the great thing about the whole thing. It's just two guys talking. The Cinco De Mayo episode. JD: We talked about some real horror. That's right, real stuff that's happening around us. Just two dudes and a zombie shooting the shit. WCM: Among some of the things discussed, we talked about getting drunk off of alcohol mist--a real thing. JD: Apparently, drinking shots is so yesterday. The kids these days are getting drunk from 140 proof alcohol mist. It's college kids, man. College kids are always finding new ways to get fucked up. They are the same kids that invented butt chugging. Take a guess as to what that is. WCM: And then there was Undead Greg. I am loath to have had this despicable piece of ** on the show. As you may have already heard, my mother was insulted. This is unacceptable. I am calling for a public apology, or else he is never to come on the show again. JD: oh yes, Undead Greg was on and immediately some insults were exchanged. The back and forth escalated to Greg insulting Marchese’s momma. Now, Undead Greg did apologize on the show, but I think his words dug too deep. Undead Greg said he would give a public apology. Should see it soon on his channel. WCM: It's him, or me. JD: Undead Greg would never replace the Dynamite. You two are grown adults. He's a zombie, I'm sure he was just having one of those zombie fits. WCM: The rest of the show was pretty much the usual. Oh, and I found a new fart soundboard that was pretty funny at the end. JD: we sang some songs… we actually sang some fucking songs. It's all a blur, really. WCM: See you next week, maybe… JD: We'll be back!


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