Checking In 5/10/2017

Doing a quick checking in. Nothing to post today, and that's okay. Sometimes just an update is fine. 

I'm reading some news about Amazon and a Buy Now button. I'll see if I write about that tomorrow. Moving the news up a bit. 

It was an extremely busy day at work today, and I had no chance to write. Change of weather, allergies, fun times. 

Its also hard when you have people constantly walking behind you with curious eyes. I'm the type of person that doesn't want anyone to have anything on me. So I pull down my documents. 

Now, you're probably thinking, "Well, you aren't supposed to be doing that on your job, anyway." 

Okay, but lets put things into perspective. I work during my lunch break. Okay. There's that. Then here and there i'll make notes, or write a few paragraphs, etc. When I look over at others, they are looking at videos, or looking at the latest celebrity showing off their poses and selfies. 

So I think i'm doing something a bit more productive. Plus, it's on down time, which is allowed according to the rules--at least the handbook I read. 

So, when I can't get things done in those little snippets of time, then you know it was an extremely busy day. Some days I can get a ton completed, but those are mostly Fridays and certain times throughout the year. 

Well, I have to catch up on some writing, and then get to sleep; or else i'll be a mess tomorrow and really get nothing done. 

Until then. 



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