The Rings (Movie Review)

The Rings written by David Loucka and Jacob estes, Directed by F. Javier Gutierrez, staring Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Alex Roe and Johnny Galecki, is the revision of the horror story from 2002 about a video tape that, once viewed, kills the victim in 7 days. It was original, it was cool (at least for those who weren't familiar with the Japanese film.) And the story was completed, more or less, in that movie. 

I went into this movie skeptically. The first Ring movie was pretty awesome, because you didn't know any of the background--everything was new. And the eerie video clips that are watched before the girl calls were haunting. But once you found out what happened, you couldn't use certain aspects any longer. If you were to make a sequel, you'd need to go further into the background of the girl--if that was possible. 

The cannon is there, and the story still seems solid without much additions bringing about an oh please moment. But do people want to know the background further?

With this follow up to the 2002 The Ring, they do a decent job as a stand alone movie, another adventure in The Ring saga, if you will. But there is not much you could do with this movie. It's like A Nightmare on Elm Street, you could only learn so much about Freddy Kreuger before you loose interest, it was what his character that continued to kept you coming. 

Does the little girl have that? Not really. But this follow up was fun to watch. Sure there were eye-rolling moments, but this is horror, and sometimes that happens. 

Do I recommend this movie? It's not one I'd say run out and get. But if you're looking for an entertaining evening, then hit the rent/download button on your cable box or Apple/Google TV device, and enjoy. 

I probably would have explored the little girls's life, go back in that time and maybe work from there--looking back out into today's time. But who knows, maybe that's in the works for the next one. 

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