Writer's Like the Sound of Keystrokes

Okay. Let's put this to the test. More and more, each day, I'm going to try this when I least think it will work and see what takes shape. I think it will work--to some degree at least. This is what I plan to do:


When you have no wish to write, when you have nothing in your head, when you look at the Word icon, folder, blank screen, anything that pertains to writing. It could be your notepad, a pen/pencil. Blood on the wall. Okay. Don't go too far. Well, you need blood. So, if you're writing a long story and feel faint, use that as your guide to slow it down. You need about 60% of your blood--so take it easy.


Anyway. Pick it up, whatever it is. And just start typing anything. I mean anything. Just like anything. See? Anything. And keep typing. And don't stop. If you mess up, retype the correct word, over and over and over until you get it right, or if you don't then just forget it and keep typing. Don't look back, just let ideas come out, thoughts. Even if they are, oh, look, I'm not writing anything. Or what will I have for dinner. Or how was my sleep last night? All of these are valid. Anything. Even if you're stuck in one moment just keep typing the word over and over and over until the idea comes back and then keep writing. Or if you go in a different direction, go that way then. Keep writing. Maybe you'll come back to the path from before, maybe you won't. Maybe flies will shoot out of your ears and form words on the wall on your fresh blood. Now there's a Word font.


Maybe when you look back to edit, you'll see the other path and go back on it. But don't stop. Get it all out. Later you will edit and find gold. Or not. If not, you keep writing.


Why do you think you hear so many stories about writers just keep taping away? What do you think they are writing? It's not gold. It's probably not even the story. Probably just typing the same thing over and over because they like how the keys sound when they hit them.


But seriously. Just keep typing and getting the thoughts out. Repetitive words will bust those writing blocks. They will move you forward. You'll have insight into a character, or a setting, or something. Just don't stop.


Okay. I must stop. But will talk more about this later. I have more days I will need content to post, you know?




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